Meet the 'Folkers' Jack Jeffree


Name Jack 'The Beast' Jeffree

What do you do? I'm Head Barista at Merchant & Maker 

What got you into coffee? Well my best mate is Ryan Toleman the Head Roaster at Commonfolk. One year we were camping with friends and he whipped out a coffee syphon. I genuinely thought he was cooking meth but when he explained what he was doing I was keen. So I begged for a job at Commonfolk and the rest is history.

Guiltiest pleasure? A good chin up sesh in the roastery (currently holding the record for full extension chin ups at 23 in a row) possibly also Miley Cyrus (and not the Hannah Montana version either)!

Favourite extracurricular activity? Pretending to be a rockstar... no seriously please vote for my band Spectral Fires

Weirdest habit? Obsessively cleaning my feet? Is that a thing?

Where do you head after work? I'm kinda new to the area but I'm spending a lot of time in Tanti #tantilyf

Coffee of choice? Double espresso = pure tastiness

Favourite coffee origin? Gotta be Costa Rica

Pet hospitality hate? Have you heard of dirty chai's? Haters gunna hate...

Nice to meet you Jack! Cheers


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