Meet the 'Folkers' Besty


Name Besty

Just Besty? ... yep...

Oh ok... that doesn't seem right... but ok. What's your position? Head Barista at C-folk

What got you into coffee? Well I got myself a job at Vada Cafe in Frankston and went from there. I loved coffee and wanted to pursue specialty - better beans, better gear...

So what's with the red hair? Some people win the genetic lottery

Describe your perfect date? Home cooked food (cooked by yours truly) and delicious wine. I'm a man of simple taste, that's all I need.

First kiss? Where do I start...

Alright let's focus, what's your coffee of choice? Pour over

Coffee origin? Ethiopia

Favourite restaurant? Same as everyone else in Melbourne - Chin Chin

Best decade for music? 80s baby

If not coffee? Teaching kids music

Thanks Besty. Pleasure


Meet the 'Folkers'Sam Keck