Meet the 'Folkers' Jenna Barker

Jenna Barker

Name Jenna Barker

Position Cook

What got you in the kitchen? I was forced. I never really wanted to be in the kitchen but I was working at my friends cafe and they kept tricking me into kitchen shifts. It was really terrifying at first but I'm pretty comfy in here now. 

Why Commonfolk? I always thought the people seemed cool and loved the vibe so I applied for a job and here we are.

Thoughts on 'baristas'? They're ok I guess... Honestly though our baristas really know their stuff. They're like the chefs of the coffee world. Shame they won't run my food ;)

Favourite colour and why? Maroon - cause reds dangerous but maroon is the toned down version (kinda like me!)

If not hospitality then... Zoology. I want to be in Africa working with hyenas. 

Weirdest habit? I obsessively collect feathers. Like I'll go for walks just to find feathers I love feathers. I also tend to give a running commentary of my life, like 'deep frying the chips, grilling the bacon, oh look a feather'.

Favourite peninsula restaurant? I love Ten Minutes by Tractor but also maybe Yummy Pho in Frankston - it's cheap and tasty!

Most unusual thing you've done? Riding in the back of a ute in Africa with an Israeli guy, sheep carcass, and decapitated cow. Also skinny dipping in Cambodia with incandescent plankton. 

Favourite thing to cook? Stir fry

Favourite ingredient? Sesame oil

Thanks Jenna That's alright!