How To Roast Delicious Coffee

Ryan talks about how roasting has changed at Commonfolk over the past three and a half years.

Our first blend of Progress St. was a blend of 3 super high quality coffees. We had Los Cabalitos, from Guatemala, Fazenda Rainha from Brazil and coffee from Barrios Estate in Honduras.
Our first version was not so good.
It was sour, had no body and pretty much sucked with milk.
This is not because the coffees we were using were low quality, but rater our approach to coffee avoided the production of sweetness.

Over roasted coffee tastes pretty awful. Over roasted coffee tastes ashy, bitter and sometimes a little like fish sauce. You know the stuff. Used in asian cooking.
In an effort to avoid these flavours, we roasted our coffee super light, perhaps a little too light.
We have been progressively developing more and more sugar in our roasts as we learn more about the intricate process.

Today, our coffee is sweeter and full bodied, being steered well clear of that flavour profile that got us so passionate about roasting in the first place.

In three and a half years, things will probably be different again. The aim will always stay the same. We are passionate about coffee and even more passionate about sharing it with you.

Ryan Toleman