Our Wholesale Philosophy

It is pretty simple why we do what we do. We love exceptional coffee and we love sharing it with people.

Everything that you need to make your coffee service world class, can come from us. Equipment, comprehensive training, full service support along with world class teas and chocolate.

Each step in our production is focused on maintaining flavour quality of the green coffee we source. We aim to maintain transparency in all our products, which is why we include detailed origin infomation with all our coffees. Our coffee is roasted in small batches on our boutique roasters, and will arrive fresh, dated and accompanied by cupping notes and brewing recepies. Our roasters and trainers have extensive industry experience in brewing espresso, machine maintenance, customer service and café logistics. We offer intensive coffee training that is available to all our wholesale partners and their staff.

We are enthusiastic to work with like-minded professionals who share our commitment to quality. At the end of the day our goals are to sustain transparent relationships from farm to cup, provide industry-leading coffee and share our passion for great coffee with you, your customers and the greater community!

Get in contact to see how we can make this happen for you.

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