The Cup That Counts - Uganda Series - Part Six


The Cup That Counts and Zukuka Bora Coffee Company couldn't have existed without the hard work and generosity of a number of people. A massive thank you is owed to everyone involved, but some key contributors are acknowledged below.

Founders of The Cup That Counts and owners of Commonfolk - Duncan Brown, Andrew Dell, Ben Hogan and Sam Keck

Founders of Zukuka Bora Coffee Company - Vincent Munyosi and Robby Keen

Project Director in Uganda - Dave Bishop

Head Roaster at Commonfolk - Ryan Toleman

All the team and workers at JENGA and Zukuka Bora Coffee Company who worked tirelessly to train, educate, grow, harvest, process, and quality control the coffee. 

All the team at Commonfolk and Merchant & Maker who worked to promote The Cup That Counts and raise money from the sale of coffee.

All the volunteers that ever helped at a fundraising event including the Latte Art Smackdowns, Friday Folkers, and coffee evenings. 

Finally, the most important people in this story - the customers and coffee drinkers of the Mornington Peninsula. Without your caffeine addiction none of this could have ever been achieved. Simply by choosing to drink your coffee at Commonfolk or Merchant & Maker, you’ve played your role in establishing a sustainable coffee industry that’s fair for everyone. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped turn this from an idea into reality, and in the process made lasting change to the lives of everyone involved.

Thomas Terlaak