Meet the 'Folkers' Benjamin [Button] Hogan

Benjamin [Button] Hogan


Name Benjamin Button or Mr Button to you.

Is that your nickname? How’d you get it?  I plead the 5th amendment.

Mmm fair enough... So what exactly do you do at Commonfolk? I'm the General Manager of the group.

Meaning? Getting paid to sit around and pretend to do work.

What got you into coffee? My need to remain alert while doing shift work. It all started when I was in New Zealand working for Jetstar and I’ve never looked back.

So what’s your background? Aviation professional. I've worked for QANTAS, Jetstar, Cebu and Tiger to name a few. Coffee was always calling me back though. 

Favourite Barista at Commonfolk? Are you serious this has got to be a setup (on the down low definitely the OG Sammy ‘the Badger’ Keck).

Who is your hero? Michael Jordan.

Describe your perfect date? I’m going to have to say any date with my wife… did she put you up to this?

Nah of course not. Anyway time to focus - what's your coffee of choice? It’d have to be anything from Ethiopia. Consistently delicious coffees!

Favourite restaurant? Santorini in Hawthorn - that’s where I proposed to my wife.

Awww that's cute. Would you rather arms for legs or legs for arms? Definitely arms for legs.

Best decade for music? 90’s. Love me some Seattle grunge. 

Any final comments Mr Button? Onward and upward.

Thanks it's been a pleasure Cheers the pleasures all mine! 

Sam Keck