Meet the 'Folkers' Mama Bev


Please state your full name for the record

Bec Vandehoef (affectionately known as Bev / Beverly / Mumma Bev)

How long have you been at Commonfolk Coffee

Ooo… Umm… I’ve worked at Commonfolk since October 2000 and something? I was here and at Merchant (our sister store) for a bit, and now I’m just here. (We later calculated 2015 was what Bev meant)

What’s your job title, what does it entail

Functions Coordinator (officially), I also work 2 days Front of House. So, I organise people’s weddings and parties and anything really. The Party Manager basically.

What first got you into coffee / hospitality (Basically, your life story in 25 words or less) 

Hospitality I just fell into, working at the local pizza / fish and chip shop way back when (like every other teenager really). I then learnt how to make coffee at Toto’s Pizzeria on Lygon Street and then I managed to fluke a job as Head Barista at the Geelong Performing Arts Centre when I moved to Geelong to follow the guy I was seeing at the time. Totally winged that one until I moved back home and started working at Gloria Jeans, which was (back in the day) the ‘hub for speciality coffee’.

Way over the word limit but you’re awesome so I’ll let it slide…. How did you end up working functions at CF

I think I was just in the right place at the right time…. Hahaha. A previous manager of CF used to coordinate functions because back then it was maybe 4 functions a year. Then I guess Sam thought it would be a good fit for me being a Mum, and this was something I could do at home as well. I had loads of catering experience and it was only 4 a year so you know… What could go wrong?

Clearly a lot went right because what’s our rate of functions nowadays

Oh like minimum 4 a month… So yeah it’s picked up ‘just a little bit’.

What’s your favourite thing about functions here

Umm... I think seeing the end result. It’s a lot of work, like behind the scenes with all the organisation, but I suppose I’ve had my wedding and my 21st and my 30th, so I work really hard to get it just right for that particular person. But to see it all go off at the end, that final night, makes it all worth it. It’s funny because brides and grooms still get surprised that I’m going to be there on the night… but of course I am! I’ve worked on this for 6 months so I’m not missing out on the fun! (Can you see why we call her Mumma Bev, always taking care of everyone!)

Apart from spending time with an awesome group of super talented and extremely funny legends whilst working functions – what’s your ideal Friday night

Ooo… this is really daggy… It would probably be… On the couch. Knitting.

With your glitter needles? 

Yes definitely. Um with something that I haven’t cooked – maybe Thai takeaway? And then Star Wars!

Classic Star Wars – are you going to see the new one

Oh yeah, booked my tickets already. You see, when The Last Jedi came out – I actually took the day off. I said, ‘Sorry Shannon, I can’t work.’

Bev, if that doesn’t sum you up I don’t know what does! You’re making my job too easy. Now for some rapid fire to the break…. 3, 2, 1 Go! Favourite TV show? 


Best Front of House employee at Commonfolk

Ohhhh…. Ohhhh.

Come on you’re on the clock! 

Ryan Donoghue.

Bit of a cop out that Ryan just left for Asia and he’s still Bev’s favourite but he’s pretty awesome so good answer!

Must have fashion item

Cardigans, every kind of cardigan.

You’re choosing lunch at CF and can only pick 3 sides – go! 

Oh no, umm cooked spinach, smoked salmon and…. Bacon! Double protein all the way.

And finally the most important question of all… the Grand Final – who’s going to win this year

Oh Richmond, absolutely Richmond.

I guessed that from the fact that you often parade your Tigers jersey around Commonfolk


That’s it though, we’re done

Oh yay, that was awesome. Thank you so much.