Meet the 'Folkers' Summer Ellis


State your full name for the record
Summer Ellis

Tell us something about you we don’t know

I was actually born in Africa [the birth place of coffee] and moved to Australia when I was a kid. I reckon that’s why I love coffee so much - it’s in my blood.

How long have you been working at Commonfolk
It’d be about 12 months - originally I was hired as a barista.

So what do you do know
Great question. My official title is client relationship representative but that massively undersells how awesome my job is. Basically I mentor and train baristas and cafe owners to produce the best version of Commonfolk coffee possible. I’m like a one stop shop for all things hospo and coffee for our wholesale partners. I’m your best friend, a shoulder to cry on, amateur psychologists, coffee delivery driver, barista trainer, passionate advocate for all things your business, and all round mister fixit.

When did you first realise you wanted to work in coffee
It would’ve been about four years ago when I got a job at Via Battisti [same as the boss man Sam!!!] it’s clearly where all the great coffee people start their journeys ;p

I remember being amazed at how much more to coffee there was than lattes and cappuccinos. I was amazed at the hidden science behind brewing the perfect cup. I loved that people that worked in specialty coffee and couldn’t imagine myself in any other industry. I also loved the fact that I’d get paid to talk while I was working!

What’s your quick tip to making the perfect cup
It’s all about technique and practice.

Practice makes perfect so keep pushing for more consistency and your margin for error will get smaller and smaller, until you’re brewing the perfect cup every single time.

Go to coffee drink of choice
Mmm I’m a bit of a long black kinda girl… oh wait, no, maybe filter. I love filter. Then again straight up espresso is pretty good. I dunno I guess I just love black coffee in general.

Favourite coffee origin
It’s gotta be an African coffee given my heritage. I’m really loving natural Ethiopians especially from the Yirgacheffe region. There’s one on at Commonfolk at the moment called Konga and it will literally blow your socks off.

Favourite place to grab a bite to eat
For breakfast I can’t go past Two Boys One Beagle in Karingal, the owner Jamie seriously cooks some of the best food ever. For lunch or dinner who can go past Yummy Pho in Frankston - it’s legit Vietnamese. Oh and also that all you can eat Japanese place in Frankston.

Best decade for music
I only get low to late 90’s RnB

If not coffee than what
Honestly I haven’t given it much thought but gun to head I’d probably still be working in hospitality. Maybe managing a venue and getting to know the regular customers…

Thanks for the chat Summer
No worries