The Best Wake Up | Zukuka Bora

Phew, so the first fully-fledged harvest season for Zukuka Bora Coffee Company is pretty much done. The green coffee is in a container on its way to Melbourne, and we’ve just had our first delivery of Ugandan-roasted coffee for us to sell domestically. It’s a great time to reflect back on the season.

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Our Wholesale Philosophy

It is pretty simple why we do what we do. We love exceptional coffee and we love sharing it with people.

Everything that you need to make your coffee service world class, can come from us. Equipment, comprehensive training, full service support along with world class teas and chocolate.

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BlogMarcel McCarthy
Uganda Trip August 2015

In August we had the privilege of sending over a team to visit the coffee plantation we established in Uganda through 'The Cup That Counts'. Amazing things are beginning to happen in the Ugandan specialty coffee industry and thanks to all of Commonfolk's customers we've had the opportunity to contribute. 

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