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Buckley's Chance


Hey Tessa,

Thanks for considering Commonfolk as your wholesale coffee partner. Our coffee team has decades of industry and business experience and we're keen to help you make your coffee offering the best it can be. 

In this proposal I’ve gone into a bit more detail about what we can offer. If I've missed anything or if you have further questions don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Sam Keck and the Commonfolk team


About Us

Born under the light of the southern cross in the backstreets of Mornington’s industrial estate, Commonfolk has been living the dream since twenty thirteen. We have a pretty simple vision - source and roast the world’s best coffees. There’s something in the salty sea breeze blowing in off Port Phillip Bay that just makes our coffee taste better. We might not be the most orthodox bunch but we’re as good at turning green coffee brown as Paul Kelly is at making gravy. 

We offer a wholesale coffee partnership that guarantees the finest quality coffee and service at a competitive price point. Along with our selection of premium tea, chocolate, chai, and packaging products, we have everything you’ll need to make your coffee experience world class.

Our philosophy has always been to offer a holistic end to end wholesale solution. We know the product is great, but it’s our approach to your business that sets us apart. When you partner with Commonfolk it’s like you’re adding another member to your team. Because we are a small roastery we’re flexible and will tailor our service to suit the needs of your business. Your success is our success and we will stop a nothing to ensure your customers leave satisfied after every coffee.

The Cup That Counts

The Commonfolk Coffee Company is more than just great coffee. It’s also about fair coffee.

The vast majority of coffee is produced in developing countries. Global market forces can drive coffee prices so low that the cost of production often exceeds the price farmers are offered for their beans. This is why wherever possible Commonfolk develops ethical and sustainable trade relationships with farmers. We have relationships with farms in a number of coffee producing nations and aim to guarantee that every cup we sell is traceable and ethical.

We also established The Cup That Counts, an initiative aimed at establishing a sustainable specialty coffee industry in Uganda. We work alongside Zukuka Bora Coffee Company to purchase land for coffee production, invest in processing equipment, distribute coffee seedlings, provide training for local farmers, and offer a global network of coffee buyers for the green coffee.

Every cup of Commonfolk coffee contributes 20c to The Cup That Counts. Find out more HERE


"Commonfolk not only deliver delicious coffee week in and out, their on-going support and advisory services, have made all the difference for my business.”

Les of Stereo Espresso - Frankston

Business Advisory

We know how difficult it is to run a hospitality business and that’s why we want to make your choice to work with Commonfolk Coffee as easy as possible.

From day one we will walk alongside you to ensure your coffee program suits the needs of your business and your customers. We can also provide advice on design, fit out, menus, pricing and pretty much anything hospitality related.

The first week of using a new coffee is often the most difficult, and we will provide expert onsite assistance while you’re making your first Commonfolk coffee’s. Whether it’s a barista to help dial in and serve coffee or one of our trainers to guide your own staff in the right direction, we will make sure we’re their in the trenches alongside you.

When you’ve settled down and the coffee’s tasting fantastic we’ll still be there to offer assistance. We have a staff member on call 24/7 so we’ll never leave you stranded.

If you want help during the refit / relaunch of Buckley's Chance we also have some connections with other local businesses that might be able to help. Whether it's accountants, tradies, town planners, bankers etc we're happy to make connections. In particular if you're still keen to raise some capital and potentially bring on a partner I'm happy to put the feelers out there - just let us know. 

The People

Getting the right team to support your business is absolutely key. We can train anyone to make a great espresso but your staff are going to do a lot more than that. They're the flesh and blood of your business and you'll want access to the best of the best. We're committed to training the Buckley's Chance team up to be the best in the biz. However if you're in the market for additional staff we've got a few recommendations [that you probably already know about!]. 

Try joining the Mornington Peninsula Jobs Board - we've found lots of local, trainable team members using this Facebook group if you're after more coffee focused staff try the Melbourne Barista Union although let them know where you're located because it is more city centric. We've had varying degrees of success advertising on recruitment sites like Seek or Scout, but sometimes the best way to go about building your dream team is to recruit good up-and-comers from venues you like. In the end, regardless of who you manage to signup, it's still important that you set the culture and expectations early on when you relaunch your version of Buckley's Chance [how exciting!!!]. We actually developed a manifesto that included our values / vision that we distributed to all our staff. I think they all really appreciated the chance to get some insight into how we want to operate. If you like I'd be happy to share ours with you. 


Get the right gear for your business. 

Everything that you need to make your coffee service world class can come from us. We have access to the best equipment available at discounted prices, and can help you set up your entire coffee setup from scratch. From espresso machines to teapots we’ve got enough gear to last a lifetime.

In terms of  an espresso machine and grinders on loan we can definitely help you out. I'd love to place our 3 GRP Black Eagle Gravimetric Espresso Machine into Buckley's Chance. I would pair the Black Eagle with two Mythos 1 Espresso Grinders for your house blend and your single origin offering. All our servicing is carried out by Boiling Point Technicians and we've found Sam [owner] and his team to be fantastic at responding quickly and getting what we need done when we need it done. 

In terms of kitchen equipment etc I've had varying success with used equipment from websites such as graysonline otherwise Chefs Hat in South Melbourne is a great place to start [you're probably already aware of these places]. When you're sorting out the benching in the kitchen you should go no further than Brayco they'll genuinely be half the price of most of their competitors. 

Our Coffee

Every great cafe has a drinks offering that extend well beyond coffee. Your customers will thank you for choosing to use our delicious range of tea, chocolate and chai. We also stock an organic panela sugar and we’re happy to hunt down any other products you're keen on. If you want biodegradable cups we’ve got Commonfolk branded 6oz and 12oz or we can get you plain cups that you to stamp them yourself.

Check out our price list for all our associated products

Commonfolk works with the best coffee producers in the world. We have a strong focus on seasonal, organic, ethically traded coffee.

We prioritise flavour above all else and focus on crafting unique and delightful blends that cater to every palette. Although we like to offer a wide variety of coffees we also love working with and supporting the same farmers every season. At the moment we have fantastic relationships with the Zukuka Bora coop in Uganda, Bom Jesus in Brazil, and San Rafael in Colombia

If you would like to find out more about our process for sourcing green coffee we'd love to have a chat.


Our roasters and trainers have extensive industry experience in brewing espresso, machine maintenance, customer service and café logistics. We have an intensive training program that is available to all our wholesale partners and their staff.

Open training sessions are run fortnightly at the Commonfolk roastery, where your staff will have the opportunity to hone their craft on industry leading equipment. We also offer extended in-house training in you own venue and can tailor a program to suit your bar and your style of service.

Be it barista basic, latte art, extraction science, or even how to read a P&L we’ll make sure your team is primed to be industry leaders.

Commonfolk Clique

When you partner with Commonfolk you become part of our clique.

The Commonfolk Clique is a closed Facebook group that connects all of our accounts to one another. When you first partner with Commonfolk we will invite all your staff to join The Clique.

The Clique offers our wholesale partners the opportunity to receive personalised training, access to a network of coffee professionals from other Commonfolk accounts, and access to our own baristas / roasters. The ability to troubleshoot in realtime with actual coffee professionals can often make all the difference when trying to maintain quality and efficiency.

September 17-6140.jpg

Your choice of three blends for Buckley's Chance Signature Espresso at $27/kg


We can offer you our Godfather, Progress St or Black Bag [my initial recommendation for Buckley's Chance] espresso blends for $27 per kg. This includes the 3GRP Black Eagle Gravimetric Espresso Machine and 2x Mythos 1 Espresso Grinders on loan in exchange for a 36 month contract and 20kg per week minimum order (to avoid a $75 leasing charge). You'll also gain full access to all of our training resources as well as in house training for your team as soon as you're ready.  

If you'd prefer to run our coffee alongside another brand I'm still comfortable placing a Mythos 1 Espresso Grinder on loan but the coffee will cost $28.5 per kg and there would be a 24 month contract with a 5kg per week minimum order (to avoid a $25 leasing charge). 

Single Origins as standard cost $35 per kg and Decaf costs $32 per kg. If we have a Single Origin that's more expensive we'll always ask you if you're okay with the price before charging you. 

At the moment we take orders via email and deliver weekly to ensure you have coffee available at its peak (about 7-21 days post roast). 

Your Next Steps

When you're up and running as a wholesale partner we'll pump you up on our social channels and create a bit of a buzz. We'll also run a photo shoot at your venue (you can definitely use the photos) and we'll give you a dedicated page on our website. Also don't forget to have a look on our social media channels to keep up with the latest in all things Commonfolk.

  • Membership to the Commonfolk Clique
  • A free photoshoot
  • Promotion via our networks
  • Dedicated page on our site
  • On-going Business Advisory
  • Access to training & world class equipment

If you’re keen to move ahead with this proposal give me a call but if you have any further questions just let me know and I'll do my best to clarify. 

Look forward to talking soon.

Sam Keck and the Commonfolk Family

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