Coffee That Changes The World.


The vast majority of specialty coffee is actually produced in developing countries. Global market forces can drive coffee prices so low that the cost of production often exceeds the price farmers are offered for their beans.

With this in mind Commonfolk Coffee Company established 'The Cup That Counts' an initiative focused on developing sustainable specialty coffee industry in the developing world.

In 2014 we established Zukuka Coffee - a collective of small-scale coffee farms in Mbale, in the Eastern Ugandan highlands. These farms will allow locals (mostly subsistence farmers) the chance to improve their farming, harvesting and processing skills. As a collective they can increase their capacity to produce and export the highest quality coffee, and get paid fairly to do so. 

The long term aim is to equip farmers with the skills and networks required to develop their own successful enterprises.

If you are interested in supporting our work with The Cup That Counts the best thing you can do is to pop into Commonfolk and purchase a cup of our coffee. 20c from every cup we sell goes straight towards our Ugandan partnership! 

If you're interested in purchasing Zukuka Bora's coffee (green or roasted) don't hesitate to get in touch. We expect the first harvest to arrive early 2017.


For more information or to get involved, send us an email. sam.keck@commonfolkcoffee.com.au