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Office Coffee Supply & Solutions


Making Coffee Easy For Business

Delicious Coffee | Simple |Quality Equipment

In need of a little afternoon fix me up? And you can’t duck out to get your caffeine hit?

Walking a client through the office, and you know the instant won’t cut it?


We’re bringing coffee to the hardworking office-bound nine-to-fivers, so you can enjoy a cup of Commonfolk without having to leave your desk. No more freeze-dried beans, no more questionable brews, just delicious coffee, every day, every time.

But How?

Lucky for you, we’re able to offer competitive discounts to businesses of all sizes, quick delivery, and stressless on-going maintenance.

We roast coffee suitable for all applications, from fully automated machines, small system commercial machines, and even filter.

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Fully Automatic Machines

Commercial Machines & Grinders

Automatic Filter Brewers