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Sam Keck

Sam aka 'the Badger' is co-owner and founder of Commonfolk. With over a decade of experience as a barista and roaster he heads up Commonfolk's wholesale business.

When he's not searching for new ways to grow the wholesale family you'll find him harassing local craft breweries to make collaborative coffee beers. 

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Ben Hogan

Benjamin 'Button' Hogan is co-owner of Commonfolk and heads up Commonfolk's accounts department. He's also a veteran of nearly two decades in corporate aviation. He whips up cash flow statements and budget reports in his sleep.

When he's not crunching numbers for Commonfolk he's coaching our wholesale partners to get the most out of their businesses.

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Tommy Terlaak

With over five years experience roasting specialty coffee Tommy heads up Commonfolk's quality control and coffee selection. He's also our relationship manager, resident photographer and design guru. 

When he's not in the roastery you'll find him sinking a G&T and listening to Kanye.   

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Ryan Toleman

Commonfolk's resident coffee nerd and veteran roaster Ryan has forgotten more about coffee than you'll ever know. He's also in charge of forecasting and logistics - his skills on an excel spreadsheet are seriously deadly.

When he's not predicting the future you'll find him flying his drone over much of the Mornington Peninsula.      

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Tristan River

Rumour has it that Trizz was making espresso before he could talk. Now he does both frequently and with incredible ease. You'll find him training up our wholesale partners to brew the best coffee in the universe or delivering our freshly roasted beans all over the country.

When he's not winning barista competitions you'll find him listening to MF Doom and working in his garden.