Meet the 'Folkers' Roong Saisombat

Roong Saisombat

Name Roong Saisombat (pronounced Roony)

Position Head Chef

How long have you been a chef? Thirty years!

Wait a sec how old are you? I thought you were thirty... Can't tell you it's a secret. 

Thirty years is a long time to do anything, why do you keep coming back to work? I love fancy food. I love preparing and presenting amazing food and developing great flavours. 

hat's the worst part about being a chef? Long hours, no weekends, no partying.

f you weren't a chef what would you be? Probably a hair dresser because it seems like a lot of fun and you're making something pretty. 

Worst hospo experience? There are a lot of dumb people. Chef's are probably the worst. Massive ego's with nothing to back it up. You ask them to do something and they have no idea but they won't ask for help, maybe because I'm Thai or maybe because I'm a woman. 

What's your hot tip on dining out in Melbourne? Chin Chin. Just really really good flavours. 

Favourite ingredient? Chilli.

avourite cuisine? Anything from South East Asia. 

You're stuck on a desert island and you can have three items, what are they? Sticky rice, desalination plant, and my husband Brad. 

If you could swap lives with a celebrity who would it be? J-Lo, she's got a nice ass!

Celebrity crush? Oooh Bruce Willis he's so sexy, and also maybe Brad Pitt.

inally you seem kind of funny, can you tell us a joke? I don't know, I'm pretty serious. Um ok. Knock knock. Who's there? Open the door. Open the door who? It's Roong just frickin let me in!

Wow thanks Roong catch ya. Bye bye.